Cherry Supply Air Grilles


Discover Nauticool’s vast selection of grilles with thousands in stock! If you can’t find the size or type you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us. Our premium grilles, crafted from real hardwood, ensure enduring quality.

Please note that the quoted size (W x H) pertains to the cutout dimension, not the overall external dimension. Additionally, be aware that the photos are for illustration purposes only, and the final product may vary. For images of the specific product you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Grill Type & Size

VHC 4X4, VHC 4X4 Gloss, VHC 5X11 4 way, VHC 6X4 Gloss, VHLC 7X7 Close-able, VHC 8X4, VHC 9X9 4 way supply, VHC 10X6with Dampener, VHC 10X4 4 way, VHC 10X10 4 way, VMLC 12X4 2 way with Dampener, VMLC 12X4 Gloss 2 way with Dampener, VHC 12X4 Gloss 4 way, VHC12X6 Gloss 4 way, VHMLC 12X6 2 way with Dampener, VHC 14X6 Satin 4 way, VHC14X6 4 way, VHC 15X4 4 way, VHC16X9, VMLC119 16X6 2 way with Dampener