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A Successful Voyage with Manor Marine

The Challenge

Manor Marine are a ship building and marine engineering company specialising in workboats and crew crafts, such as oil rigs and wind farms. These boats can spend weeks or even months at sea, with large crews on board and strict working schedules to adhere to.

To support these hard-working vessels and their workforce, Manor Marine required a commercial air con solution that could both endure the elements and prove itself extremely reliable. In order to protect both the comfort of crews and time-sensitive nature of marine operations, replacement parts also needed to be quick and easy to obtain, as well as straightforward to fit.

The Solution

At Nauticool, we are equipped with many years of proven expertise.

We took the time to understand the space and systems of Manor Marine’s complex sea platforms and, armed with this knowledge, were able to specify a ship-wide ventilation system with an innovative control system.

This system would empower the on-board crews to easily manage the system day-to-day, while added heat recovery and energy-saving elements would reduce costs and environmental impact. This allowed the solution to be in keeping with Manor Marine’s green credentials and ethos.

To create the system, premium products from leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Fujitsu were re-engineered to suit a marine application. This included treating the parts to prevent corrosion, ensuring they could endure the harsh conditions that they would be exposed to whilst at sea.

The Journey

We were approached by Manor Marine due to our 20-year history of demonstrable experience, complete product understanding and the ability to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently over a long period of time.

Flexible enough to deliver the project to a strict timescale, we could produce Manor Marine’s solution on their own terms, while our servicing capability meant they could have complete confidence in maintaining its complex systems. All the while, we could assist them with on-going support to keep their hard-working ships at sea.

The Outcome

The success of this project has enabled Manor Marine to enjoy an ongoing relationship with our specialist team.

By choosing us as their partner, they benefit from quick and efficient access to spares, repairs and advice, without needing to jump through hoops with a manufacturer. In addition, our expert product knowledge is only ever a phone call away, meaning that ships can be maintained on-base, often without needing an external engineer to be deployed.

The complex cooling systems are equipped with a custom control system that is simple and comprehensive to operate, with heavy-duty parts that are ideally suited to harsh environments. This gives Manor Marine the assurance that they can rely on the system without frequent, time-consuming maintenance.


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