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Marine Split Air Conditioning Systems


What is a split gas air conditioning system?

Marine split air conditioning systems are ideal for space-limited or noise-critical vessels, where a self contained system might be unsuitable. With a split gas marine air conditioning system the condensing unit (the compressor with the sea water cooled condenser) is “split” from the air handler and placed in an engine room or other remote space. The air-handler / evaporator remains in the space to be conditioned and the two parts are connected by insulated refrigerant lines.


Comprehensive range of split gas units

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    Emerald Deu

    The emerald due is an innovative addition to the split gas range. Pairing the unit with a Dometic Emerald TurboVap R-410A evaporator to maximise the impressive performance of R-410A refrigerant.

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    TVE Unit

    Dometic Emerald (TVE) direct expansion (DX) split-gas evaporator offers4000 BTU/H TO 16000 BTU/H these units need to be paired with Dometic Emerald R-410A condensing units.

  • linesets

    Line Sets

    Nauticool custom make linesets designed for your system, of any length and diameter to meet the requirements of the units and your boat’s heating and cooling needs.

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    EBLE Series

    These evaporating units are ductable cooling and heating units. EBLE units are designed for installations where there is limited vertical space such as beneath a seat or bunk, or in overhead spaces.

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    We offer a range of controls, to provide easy-to-use climate control in an attractive, modern package for the precise control and monitoring of marine air conditioning systems.