Medical Cooling


What is Medical cooling?

Medical refrigerators and fridges help keep medicine, blood, and other medical supplies at the right temperature. Medical cooling is crucial for safety as improperly stored items could be contaminated, which could lead to disastrous consequences if those items were to be used in any treatments. That is why Clinicool by Nauticool, aims to provide the perfect solution for hospitals and health centers to keep heat-sensitive medicine safe, with high-quality, reliable refrigerators.


Comprehensive range of coolboxes and medical fridges

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    Cool-Ice CI

    Our passive cooling iceboxes feature an extremely effective insulation system. Fitted with ice packs or ice cubes, they items cold for several days. Ideal when no monitoring or exact temperature is needed.

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    Cool to 27 °C below the ambient temperature, or heat up to +65 °C: TCX Professional series coolers can do both! For safe transport of lab samples, blood donations, living organs and other heat-sensitive goods, the lightweight boxes can be fitted with a factory-preset fixed temperature

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    CFX Range

    CFX Professional series compressor coolers are fit for demanding cooling tasks in harsh environments. Easily customized for specific applications in food transport, laboratories, human and veterinary medicine. Suitable for 12/24 V DC or 100 – 240 V AC.

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    Silencio HC

    Dometic Silencio HC (Health Care) refrigerator is the perfect solution for hospitals and health centres seeking to keep heat-sensitive medicines between +2 °C and +8 °C. Integrated fan for constant temperature and audible warning is available if the door is left open for 20s

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    The COLDTAINER product line includes a large range of state of the art 12V active mobile refrigerated
    containers. The containers come in a variety of types, internal volumes and internal temperature ranges designed to satisfy all possible demands of professional users in term of temperature controlled transport