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The refreshing, cool air of a vehicle air conditioning unit can be key to your onboard comfort, be it campervan, caravan, truck or special use vehicle. We offer a range of solutions split into either rooftop mounted systems or under bench style systems.


Comprehensive range of air conditioning systems for vehicles

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    Freshjet Range

    Compact and lightweight, the FreshJet range of air conditioners includes various versions to suit vehicles of any size. The range includes the smallest air conditioner on the market.

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    The FreshLight is a unique combination of climate control unit with roof light so its installation does not mean compromising on natural light from above

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    Combining high performance with easy installation and usage, the CoolAir rooftop air conditioners for trucks offer the perfect solution for in-cabin truck temperature control.

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    The compact FreshWell climate control units fit neatly in an under-bench storage space and yet pack a punch with their highly effective cooling and heating features.

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    Stationary Cooling

    Providing 24 V stationary air conditioning this compressor unit can be used with an evaporator unit mounted on the roof or inside the cabin.

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