Drawer Fridges


Why choose a drawer fridge?

When space seems to be impossibly tight, whether on a boat, van, truck or motorhome, the possibility of on board refrigeration may seem impossible. Our range of high performance compressor drawer fridge,  make use of a small space, such as under a bed even somewhere outside, to transform it into a fridge.


Comprehensive range of drawer fridges and freezers

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    With its convenient slide-out access, quiet operation and low energy consumption: the Dometic DM 20 D drawer minibar sets new benchmarks in cooling performance!

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    Dometic CD 

    Short on space? The Dometic CoolMatic CD 20 compact drawer fridge ensures you don’t need to go without the comforts of an effective cooling device. This 20 l fridge is ideal for confined spaces: offering flexibility with a cooling unit that can be installed separately.

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    CD Stainless Steel

    When size matters do not compromise on style, this stainless steel fronted unit is perfect for flybridges, outdoor areas or a stylish interior. Efficient usage is promoted with a variable thermostat temperature control and convenient access with easy-pull drawers running on roller bearing slides.

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    CRD Fridges

    The CRD Series of refrigeration is a range of elegant matt silver fridges that feature well-proven compressor technology. These impressive compressor fridges are designed to satisfy the most challenging of environments and their performance is outstanding, even at high ambient temperatures.

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    Frigonautica Drawer

    The frigonautica range has been designed with a meticulous attention to detail, using technical solutions aimed at convenience and ease of use. As with all Frigonautica products, the inside walls and accessories are made of polished steel 304ba, while drawers’ exterior are made of brushed 316 steel.