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Marine Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems


What is a chilled water air conditioning system?

Marine Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems consist of a chiller or multiple chillers located in the engine room or machinery space that cools (or heats) a freshwater loop, this is then pumped around the boat through insulated piping to air handlers located in the living areas that cool (or heat) the boat. A chilled water air conditioning system is ideal for larger boats, there are no limitations on the number of air handlers in a system, or the size of the system. We design, install and commission a series of custom build frames and manifolds.


Comprehensive range of chilled water components and systems

  • 50_64_dometic_chiller-cond-mcg-modular_9108916494_45064_11

    MCGX Chiller

    Featuring a compact base design, these modules can be staged to provide a larger system which is easily retrofitted and staged in the field. Operating in ambient temperatures up to 140 °F/60 °C, these condensing units can be installed in any convenient location.

  • 48_35_dometic_chiller-cond-twc-modular_9108893809_44835_11

    TWCX Chiller

    A fully enclosed, reverse-cycle chiller that cools and heats, and is available in a range of models. Two control systems are available. The standard Digital Diagnostic Control (DDC) that provides simple, single-stage operation. For multiplexed systems, the Tempered Water Logic Control (TWLC)  is available.

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    VARC Series

    Ideal for vessels 70 ft. (21 m) and over, chillers installed in the engine room circulate fresh water to air handlers installed in living and working areas. Titan models feature titanium condenser coils that resist erosion and corrosion and increase product lifespan.

  • 48_24_dometic_chillers-air-handlers-at_9108690361_44824_11

    AT-HV Air Handler

    This air handler consists of water coil, valve, electric heater, and powerful blowers for superb air distribution. Mounted on a condensate chassis with cushioned mounts to reduce noise and vibration.

  • 28_40_dometic_control-dometic-digital_9600010697_62840_11


    We offer a range of controls, to provide easy-to-use climate control in an attractive, modern package for the precise control and monitoring of marine air conditioning systems.

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