Marine Generators


Who are Polar Generators?

Since 1977 Polar have been working on generators for the vehicle and marine markets, fast forward to 2020 Polar Generator now offer a range of user-friendly generators, designed based on uninterrupted power and high performance, super silent running and small dimensions – perfect for the marine sector.


Our range of Polar Generators

  • mrn1b-copy

    Polar P8 MRN-i

  • mrn2b-copy

    Polar P12 MRN-i

  • mrn2b-copy

    Polar P15 MRN-i

  • mrn25b-copy

    Polar P19 MRN-i

  • mrn25b-copy

    Polar P25 MRN-i

  • mrn3hdb-copy

    Polar P8 MRN-hd

  • mrn3hdb-copy

    Polar P15 MRN-hd

  • mrn3hdb-copy

    Polar P20 MRN-hd

Downloads, Catalogs & Spec Sheets

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