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Air Conditioning


Why choose Air Conditioning?

Nauticool specialises in enhancing the indoor environment of both commercial and residential properties through  air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our systems not only ensure your comfort during hot summer months but also contribute to enhancing local air quality. With our expertise in installation and maintenance, our team of highly skilled engineers guarantees swift setup and efficient operation of your air conditioning system.


Comprehensive range of chilled water components and systems

  • Wall-mount

    Wall Mount

    Efficient and sleek, our wall mount AC units provide tailored climate control for any room. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation and energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

  • Cassette

    Cassette Systems 

    Discreet and powerful, our cassette AC systems blend seamlessly into any ceiling while delivering uniform cooling or heating. Experience optimal comfort and style in your space.

  • heat-pumps

    Air Source Heat Pumps

    Harnessing renewable energy from the air, our heat pumps provide eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses. Enjoy year-round comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • VRF

    Multi / VRF Systems

    Versatile and efficient, our multi-split and VRF systems offer precise temperature control for multiple zones. Experience customizable comfort and energy savings tailored to your space.

  • HVHR


    Breathe easy with our ventilation and heat recovery systems, ensuring fresh air circulation while recovering heat. Enhance indoor air quality and energy efficiency for a healthier environment.

Downloads, Catalogs & Spec Sheets

Easy to find resources for our range of Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning


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