Nauticool Celebrate Gianneschi 50th anniversary

Gianneschi are one of the leading companies in the pump industry, they also specialise in blowers and boilers all of which we provide to customers all over the world. Nauticool have a great relationship with Gianneschi and have been a retailer for them for as long as I can remember.

We supply these products due to their incredible quality of build and reliability. Still to this day a Gianneschi pump has never failed to disappoint us.

Two of our team flew out to Italy via Stansted to represent Nauticool internationally. We left the unsympathetically cold British weather and were due to arrive at Pisa airport. Much to our
surprise, we flew into a wet and windy Italy that was currently in the full effects of a storm. From Pisa we travelled to the nearby coastal town of Viareggio. The first evening consisted of welcome drinks and show cooking for the guests of the trip, this gave the opportunity for the retailers to mingle and enjoy the beautiful snacks provided by Gianneschi. Nauticool were presented with and
award to celebrate their continuous loyalty to Gianneschi and as one of the leading retailers of Gianneschi pumps. Alessandro and Cristiano (the Gianneschi brothers) were both great hosts and
made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The next day we were taken to Capezzano Pianore and were given a factory tour. It was a very interesting tour that let us explore the manufacture and testing facilities. A highlight of the
factory tour was our introduction to their new testing facility, the hydraulic pump test facility. After the factory tour we were taken to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed some of the local seafood.
Shortly after lunch we went on a cultural tour, we explored Pietrasanta and our tour guide displayed the wonderful history that this town had to offer. We were then shown the nearby stone sculpture
facility that presented wonderful art and a mind-blowing robot arm that would carve amazing 3D art.

That evening was the final chance to mingle with the retailers, Gianneschi family and employees. We enjoyed a formal dinner and drinks all together in the factory, Alessandro and Cristiano presented awards to the workers and expressed their gratefulness to the retailers around the world. The night was full of great food, lots of laughter and of course business talk! This led us to the end of our trip, and we would like to thank Gianneschi for inviting us out and hosting a remarkable event.

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