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Guide to: Air Conditioning

What is air conditioning and how does it work?

Air conditioning is a system that is used for controlling the humidity, ventilation and temperature in a space. Air conditioning is primarily used for buildings and transport. Air conditioning works by using the refrigeration cycle, this is a process that changes the pressure and temperature of a substance to  create cool air. The substance used for air conditioning is refrigerant it is special in its right because it undergoes phase transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again.

This refrigerant is compressed into high pressure vapor by a compressor. Then the refrigerant is condensed (cooled) into a liquid by a condenser and hot air is discharged at this point. The high-pressure liquid then enters a metering device which feeds the proper amount of refrigerant to the evaporator coils. These evaporator coils are part of a unit called an air handler. This unit is responsible for the distribution of the cool air that you feel from an air conditioner. The refrigerant enters the hot evaporator coils and the refrigerant evaporates into a low-pressure gaseous state. The evaporation is the process that creates the cool air that is then distributed by the fan in the air, handler and the refrigeration cycle repeats itself.

Water cooled air conditioning and how it works?

Water cooled air conditioning is primarily used in the marine industry. Due to the constant supply of sea water to a yacht/vessel in the ocean, it can use this water to assist the air conditioning unit. Water enters the system through pipe work and helps cool the condensing coils that contain the refrigerant. The same refrigeration cycle then applies to water cooled air con whereby the refrigerant undergoes the phase transition between gas and liquid.

Explanation of our three systems.

Self-contained unit:

Self-contained marine air conditioner units are the best solution for boats with up to three cabins. They uses the water-cooled air con system to function and due to their small compact size and efficient cooling system they can cater for small boat very well. All the components sit on one tray that is used as a drip tray to capture any condensate made. The Dometic Turbo series completely revolutionized self-contained air conditioning because of its ability to cool and heat the surroundings. It is also now available in dual frequency.

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Split gas air conditioning system:

A split gas air conditioning system is typical for space limited and noise critical vessels. The compressor can be of a larger size and is usually placed in the engine room, the split style system can cool room without the need for ducting as the condensing and evaporating units are linked by pipes. Water cooled air con is typically used with this system when its needed for marine purposes. The Dometic Emerald DEU unit is a popular addition to many vessels, when paired with the Emerald TurboVap R-410A it provides a sound complete air conditioning system.

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Chilled water air conditioning system:

Chilled water air con systems contain water in the coils rather than mainstream refrigerant. It consists of a chiller or multiple chillers located in the engine room or machinery space that cools (or heats) a freshwater loop, this is then pumped around the boat through insulated piping to air handlers located in the living areas that cool (or heat) the boat. A chilled water air conditioning system is ideal for larger boats, there are no limitations on the number air handlers in a system, or the size of the system. The MCGX chiller features a compact base design, more than one chiller can be fitted to a frame to provide extra power for a bigger vessel.

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