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Choosing the Perfect Boat Refrigerator

When it comes to outfitting your boat with the best refrigerator, you’re faced with a crucial decision. What features should it have? How can it withstand the unique challenges of marine life? At Nauticoo...

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Which Air Conditioning Unit Is Best For Your Boat?

Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to the world of boating, ensuring a comfortable and climate-controlled cabin is of paramount importance for a pleasurable voyage. To aid you in navigating the multit...

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What Is Air Conditioning Retrofitting?

Maintaining reliable air conditioning onboard with retrofitting A marine air conditioning unit is an essential piece of equipment that’s likely to need your attention on a regular basis.  Air conditioning syste...

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Your Winter Health Checklist For Marine Air Conditioning

Some of us enjoy nothing more than a crisp morning on the water, clutching a warm coffee with both hands while taking in the fresh winter air. While many seafarers use their boats almost exclusively in the summ...

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INFOGRAPHIC: The 11 Impacts of an Inadequate Cooling System

Failure to install the correct air conditioning or refrigeration can have a negative impact on your boat, leading to expensive repairs. It can also leave passengers feeling both uncomfortable and unsafe; ruinin...

Marine air conditioning
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10 Things To Consider When Selecting A Marine Cooling System Provider

10 Things To Consider When Selecting A Marine Cooling System Provider When out at sea, it’s essential that boats are cooled appropriately. From leisure yachts to heavily manned workboats, everyone aboard will b...

Self Contained Marine Air Conditoning  Sunseeker Predator 68
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Guide to: Air Conditioning

What is air conditioning and how does it work? Air conditioning is a system that is used for controlling the humidity, ventilation and temperature in a space. Air conditioning is primarily used for buildings an...