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What Is Air Conditioning Retrofitting?

Maintaining reliable air conditioning onboard with retrofitting

A marine air conditioning unit is an essential piece of equipment that’s likely to need your attention on a regular basis.  Air conditioning systems also tend to be a fairly hefty investment, so you will want to make sure that your outlay pays off in the long term.

The process of retrofitting involves either:

  • Upgrading an existing cooling system with new or modified parts needed to enable continual and optimal functioning


  • Replacing an existing, obsolete, or irreparable system in a boat that has been previously manufactured

When air conditioners become older, they require more repairs and maintenance – often becoming somewhat of a costly burden to boat owners.

But you love your boat, and you’d do what you can to ensure you can enjoy her for as long as possible, right? If that is the case, retrofitting might be the best solution for you.

What are the main reasons why air-con retrofitting is required?

Air conditioning retrofitting is a highly recommended method to upgrade an older air conditioning system or to completely replace an aging system.

Typically, the key factors which mean you might want to consider turning to retrofitting solutions are:

  • Energy efficiency – older cooling systems invariably use more energy .
  • Cost effectiveness – older systems usually cost more to run, and cost more to repair.
  • Longevity – aged cooling system technology won’t last forever.
  • Reliability – when you need heat or cooling (which is nearly always), you want to be able to rely on your system. If it fails you, that could have serious consequences .

Are there any considerations to factor in with retrofitting air conditioning?

If you have made the bold decision to invest in retrofitting your beloved boat’s cooling system, there are a couple of things you should consider before steaming ahead with the project:

  • Get an inspection of your current solution carried out by a certified technician to establish what type of retrofit is required.
  • Cost vs value – decide if the cost of a full retrofit is worth the investment.
  • Size of unit and parts required – Not all parts and units are manufactured at the same size as they once were. Ensure the new system’s parts fit the space available on your vessel. You should be able to discuss this during the inspection itself.

Retrofitting services by Nauticool

Nauticool can source the spare parts required for your boat’s air conditioning unit or an entirely new system, directly from the manufacturer – as well providing maintenance, servicing and advice.

Speak to our expert team today.

Based in Poole on the beautiful Dorset coast, Nauticool is a leading supplier of air conditioning solutions for marine settings. You can trust us to supply, install and service industry leading brands, to your exact requirements.

With 19 years of industry experience, thousands of customers throughout the world rely on our advanced technologies, products, and services to improve and enhance the environments around them.

Contact us today to discover how our award winning and ISO UKAS 9001 accredited team can help you.

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