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Nauticool goes green!

Octopus Energy

Nauticool are always looking for new ways to better their environmental impact. Whether that be recycling, sourcing renewable energy sources or using more environmentally friendly materials. This is a project that every company should be looking to take on, as the more of us contributing towards this, the better.

For a long time, we have been sourcing our energy from a company called ‘Octopus’, they are a leading provider in providing easy, affordable 100% clean energy to companies and homes all across the UK. Octopus source their 100% renewable energy from lots of different green energy plants such as; wind farms, solar panels and nuclear power plants. It was in our interest to invest in this long-term project, as the company as a whole feel it is necessary to protect our environment.

Moving forward, we are looking to source new recyclable materials for our manufacturing. Also, our recycling as a company is always looking to be improved, hopefully many more companies across the UK can adopt this way of thinking, therefore we are all playing a part in improving the current state of affairs regarding global warming.

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